Cell Phone Detectors on Locomotives

Brothers and Sisters,

Please review the following correspondence from National Legislative Director James Stem and the attached information concerning cell phone detectors on locomotives. The only option remains to keep your cell phone off while on duty. We have handled many disciplinary cases involving the use of cell phones while on duty, however, hopefully understanding and adherence to the rule is coming to the forefront.

February 20, 2014

Memo to: State Legislative Directors, International Officers, General Chairpersons

From: James Stem and John Risch

Re: Wi-Tronix Cellular Device Detection Systems

In the past few days we have received a few inquiries about Cell Phone Detection Systems. Our railroads have chosen the technology offered by Wi-Tronix to place on some locomotives to detect and record the use of cellular devices in the cab of locomotives. Attached for your information is information on these systems, including an article from a local BLE website which triggered one of the questions we received.

The advice remains constant to our members: Turn your cell phone off when you go on duty and leave it off until you get off duty. As you are aware, the railroads and FRA consider the use of a cell phone in inappropriate ways while on duty to be a serious matter.

Please share this information with our members. We have also been told that BNSF purchased a few of these devices and also purchased hundreds of extra cab stickers to advertise the devices on all their locomotives.

Please call us if we can share additional information.

James Stem

National Legislative Director

SMART - Transportation Division

304 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Washington, DC 20003-1147

(202) 543-7714

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Cell (202) 256-8021