Changes to UTU Group Disability Policy

There have been some changes made to the UTU Group Disability Policy provided by Anthem effective January 1, 2012.  The highlights of these changes are that the premium will rise from $31 to $34.50, there will be no coverage for drug or alcohol issues, and the coverage will be reduced from 12 months to 6 months.  Anthem lost over $5 million during the 22 months of this policy and demanded changes to be made or were going to drop the policy.  It would be very hard to find another company to provide a similar policy after being dropped by Anthem so these changes were agreed upon.  Even with the increase in premium, this policy is still a huge benefit for our membership and worth every penny should you become unable to work due to injury.  This policy is voluntary and members can opt-out if they feel the changes are not worthy of the peace of mind knowing that they will have a source of income for themselves and their family should they become injured.

Attached is information concerning the changes to the policy.