Last week in Norfolk, a tri-party meeting was held with the UTU, BLE, and the NS in regard to Flowback. The latest proposal to implement a pilot project on the Illinois Division was circulated with a lot of discussion. I chose to sign the proposed agreement subject to ratification. The BLE GC is still not comfortable signing the proposal as he still wants changes made to it. I respect his position, but wholeheartedly disagree with it. The intent since 2009 has been to implement a pilot project on the Illinois Division simply because the seniority areas are confined and hubs and zones are not applicable. The intent is to implement Committee-wide but the pilot project is needed to iron out the issues that arise so that before implementing on a wider Committee-wide scale, a seamless implementation can be made.

I have attached the proposed pilot project and also the things that the BLE GC would like changed. Even though I signed this subject to ratification, nothing can be done until the BLE puts ink to it as well. Once again, I suggest that BLE members put a little pressure on the GC to act on this.


Jason Boswell
General Chairman
UTU GO-687