Flowback Proposed Agreement

Each Local Chairman on this Committee has received a ballot to exercise a vote on a proposed Flowback Agreement. They are due back to the office on February 6th and the majority will determine whether the proposed agreement is ratified or not. It is a Committee-wide vote and will apply to the entire Committee should it be ratified. I have attached the proposed agreement but will do a short synopsis of it. Each Local Chairman has received the agreement and has had the opportunity to participate in conference calls on the subject to ask questions and discuss. Highlights of the agreement are as follows: 1. Any flow would be a one for one move. For example, the maximum amount of engineers allowed to flowback to conductor is limited to the amount of demoted engineers to fill those positions. If there is only one demoted engineer at a location, only one engineer would be allowed to flow back. 2. Two flow dates per year--2nd Thursday of April and 2nd Thursday of October. 3. Bids to flowback must be sumitted 14 days in advance of flowdate and success bidders would be notified no less than 5 days prior to flowdate. At that point, the engineers flowing back would have their engineer positions bulletined. 4. At 12:01PM on flowdate, the engineer flowing back would be placed on the conductors extraboard at the location he is flowing back at. He would be eligible to bid jobs and make any seniority moves allowable on that extraboard. 5. The employee that flows back would have to stay at the location he flowed at for 60 days. After 60 days, he would be eligible to make seniority moves to other locations. 6. All employees with engineer seniority, while in engine status or not, will be allowed to bid on permanent engineer vacancies. 7. Employees who have flowed back will not be able to voluntarily exercise seniority back to an engineer position until after the next flowdate. 8. In filling permanent engineer vacancies, employees subject to force assignment will be in reverse engineer seniority order at the location. 9. Employees in flowback status can still be called to fill temporary engineer vacancies but only after all other demoted engineers have been called to fill said vacancies. This proposed agreement is a one-year agreement that expires on March 31, 2016. At that time, any necessary changes would be made and issues corrected and then a permanent agreement would be sent out for ratification. I urge you to communicate with your Local Chairman and let him know your thoughts on this agreement.