Guaranteed Extra Board Proposal Fails Ratification

Below is a copy of an email sent to GO-687 Local Chairmen citing the results of the vote on the bi-weekly guaranteed extra board proposal.

First, let me thank you all for returning your ballots on this sensitive issue that is of great importance to our membership.  We had 100% return on the ballots which is what I had hoped to attain.  It shows each of you have embraced the commitment and responsibility to our membership that the position of local chairman entails.
The results of the voting on the guaranteed extra board proposal are as follows:
45 Total Votes
17 Votes For
28 Votes Against
Therefore, the proposal fails to be ratified. 
I will be sending out written communication concerning the results with a tally of how each local chairman voted.  In addition, a copy of a letter of request to Labor Relations asking for local implementation for locations that voted for the proposal will be included. 
Again, thank you for voting.  This is a difficult outcome that many will be happy with and that many will be upset with.  I ask that you pass along this information to your membership.
Jason Boswell
General Chairman
UTU GO-687