Guaranteed Work/Rest Extra Boards

Each Local Chairman with jurisdiction over trainmen extraboards has received a ballot to vote on a proposed Guaranteed Work/Rest Extraboard for conductors.  They have each received the proposed agreement and had the ability to participate in conference calls to ask questions and gain information on this proposal.  Once again, this is a committee-wide vote and the majority will decide whether it passes or fails.  If it passes, it will be in place on every extraboard in this territory.  Currently, this identical extraboard agreement is in place on every extraboard on Norfolk Southern besides this territory.  I have attached the agreement and will do a short synopsis of the agreement.


1.  Employees on the extraboard would be assigned to four different groups with a 6 day work 2 day rest rotating cycle.

2.  Employees would cycle off for rest days at 10pm on their last work day and cycle back on at 10pm on their last rest day.  Cycle times can be modified by local agreement so 10pm is not the mandated cycle time.

3.  While off rest days, the employees spot on the extraboard will continue move up the board.  Should it reach first out, it would be held at that point until the employee comes off rest days.

4.  If an employee has a duty period that extends into assigned rest days, he would observe 48 hours upon completing that tour of duty.  In addition, he would have the option of marking up at the bottom of the board at the expiration of his rest period.

5.  The guarantee is $2147.45 per half.  That was determined by using ten basic days in road service ($214.74) as the basis.  It is subject wage increases, cost of living increases, but also rate progression.

6.  Marking off for other than compensated leave will forfeit that half's guarantee.

7.  If employee is added or removed from extraboard their guarantee would be prorated for the time on the board.

8.  Voluntary seniority moves from the extraboard or to the board will forfeit that half's guarantee.

9.  An important thing to remember is that due to the rolling rest days, 25% of the extraboard will be off for rest each day. 

10.  I have spor ken to the other General Chairmen where this has been in place for some time and the railroad has not reduced their boards regularly.  They have continually paid guarantee and did not furlough if guarantee was claimed.  In fact, they stated that employees actually had the opportunity to work more during their 6 work days due to the other employees observing rest days.

11.  Reimbursed expenses that are non taxable do not count against the guarantee nor does earnings made while working as an engineer.

12.  While on rest days, employees still could be called to perform service voluntarily.  They would be called after other decisions have been run and working would be voluntary should the employee want.

Once again, your Local Chairman has this information and will be voting on this proposed agreement.  If he has not contacted you, let him know your thoughts so they can be reflected in his vote.