Select Rest

Over the past week several discussions about a Select Rest option has been discussed with the Carrier. The following bulletin was released on the Illinois Division but later rescinded after complaints by both Organizations over some items included in the Select Rest proposal. The bulletin read as follows:


Decatur, Illinois
August 21, 2014

ATTN: Certain T&E Employees at Decatur, Illinois.

In an effort to increase availability and work schedule predictability, this informational bulletin is to advise certain T&E employees that a "Select Rest" pilot project is scheduled to be implemented at Decatur, Illinois on Monday, August 25, 2014.

Employees working in the ILDEDB, ILDEDC, ILDEDP, ILDEDS, and ILDEDE pools, including applicable extra boards, will have the option to mark off Select Rest through Crew Management at the time of tie-up on their 4th consecutive start, or 5th consecutive start if the employee is at the away from home terminal following the 4th start.

Employees who mark-off Select Rest will receive an automatic mark up in 24 hours and will be limited to exercising this option between noon on Sunday and noon on Thursday (excluding holidays). Exercise of the Select Rest option will constitute a chargeable mark-off; and, in the event operational needs require, approval of Select Rest requests may be temporarily blocked.

Employees will not be permitted to mark-off single day of vacation/personal leave day following the exercise of Select Rest. Additional questions should be directed towards the appropriate supervisor.

Be governed accordingly

C.D. Wilson

As stated, this bulletin was rescinded and a meeting will occur later this week in which we will ask for changes to the initial Select Rest policy.

I have been advised that a similar Select Rest policy might be bulletined at some locations that are in dire circumstances due to lack of manpower. Labor Relations has agreed to remove the language stating that Select Rest is a chargeable absence. However, there are other items we would like to see changed as well.

Attached below is a letter I sent concerning the Select Rest policy and its shortcomings.

I believe Select Rest could be a great option for our members. Not only would it allow members to be able to work more if they should choose, but it would also alleviate some attendance issues by allowing members to be off without having it be a chargeable absence. I will keep you updated after the meeting on Thursday.