START Policy Changes

Below is a summary of the changes to the START Policy effective September 6, 2012.

Code 1 (talk-to) violations are now strictly verbal. No computer entry or entry into personnel record.

Code 2 (letter of caution) violations will no longer be entered into personnel record. More use of email versus postal mail as well.

Serious violations will still be handled as they were prior to September 6.

One-on-One annual reviews will now discuss only the past year. Also, no ratings or signature will be required.

GR-13 Rules (b), (f), (k), (m), and (n) were removed from GR-13 and moved elsewhere in the rulebook.

Added to GR-13 will be riding in close clearance areas, leaving cars in foul, bowl and blue flag protection, walking/standing in foul, and riding cars in intermodal ramp tracks.

GR13 and GR14 offenses will still be handled as serious offenses.

GR9 is watching trains by. No longer required to be on the ground on the opposite side to comply, may be done from the operating compartment.

SGCR 1043 is eye protection. No longer required to wear eye protection while in enclosed locomotives.

SGCR 1042 is hearing protection. No longer required to wear hearing protection while in enclosed wide-body locomotives.

1st START Serious=maximum of 10 days deferred suspension
2nd START Serious=maximum of 10 days actual suspension
3rd START Serious=subject to dismissal

Run through switches with no derailment--if a crewmember self reports immediately and has no history of same violatin, then there will be verbal counseling or letter of caution but no formal handling.

START Conferences should still be held timely with meaningful dialogue between the employee and supervisor. The 3 day requirement for the supervisor to contact the Local Chairman is no longer in place. Mr. Wheeler did state that he still expects supervision to keep the Local Chairman involved and in the dialogue. We will have to make sure to communicate and educate our members not to accept any START or have any conference prior to them discussing with their Local Chairman.

Attached is the letter Mr. Manion sent to all employees on September 6.


Jason Boswell
General Chairman
UTU GO-687