UTU 2012 Congressional Endorsements

Memo to:  State Directors, International Officers, General Chairpersons
From:  James Stem and John Risch
Attached is a list of UTU endorsements for the House and Senate.  All of these endorsements and other election information will be included in the upcoming issue of the UTU News. In addition to the UTU News, we are generating tens of thousands of pieces of direct mail and phone calls to our members.  
We now have 42 days left until Election Day and some states have already started early voting so now is the time to get out the vote for UTU endorsed candidates.
We urge all of you to personally volunteer in election efforts in your area and to line up our members to volunteer as well.
We could rattle on about the importance of this election, but you all know that.  Now is the time to get engaged, to volunteer and to talk to our friends and family.  This election will be won by talking to members and others one person at a time and we all have a role to play.