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WASHINGTON -- The White House and congressional leaders have reached a tentative deal on a proposed excise tax on high-cost, employer-sponsored insurance plans to be included in the final version of major health care legislation, reports The New York Times. Facing intense pressure from organized labor, the Obama administration reportedly has agreed to major changes in the proposed tax on those benefits.
LOS ANGELES -- To most people, videotaping a passing 3 1/2 -mile freight train would be about as appealing as . . . well, waiting for a 3 1/2 -mile freight train to get out of the way, The Los Angeles Times reports. But to Joe Perry, an information network engineer for a downtown Los Angeles bank and a railroading enthusiast since childhood, the arrival of perhaps the biggest train ever in California last weekend was an opportunity not to be missed.
As we sit horrified and with heavy hearts at the earthquake devastation in Haiti, our hearts especially go out to the hundreds of UTU members of Haitian descent, most of whom have family members in Haiti. UTU International President Mike Futhey has authorized a $1,000 contribution be made to the American Red Cross in the name of UTU members of Haitian descent. "This is a small humanitarian gesture, and I hope others within our union donate what they are able to relief efforts in Haiti," Futhey...