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By Mike Futhey, SMART Transportation Division President –  Throughout my career as a union officer, I have experienced every type of carrier safety program imaginable: from official company “snitches” to complex, overly burdensome and intrusive research, to innovative, cooperative, joint ventures. Employees need a program to know the program du jour. When programs fall by the wayside, a newer, shinier version is released, with all the markings of its failing predecessor.
Retired Norfolk Southern conductor and U.S. Army veteran Kenneth Rospert has always held military personnel in high regard, and an idea he had four years ago to honor local veterans has finally come to fruition. On Veterans’ Day 2012, nearly 1,000 people gathered in Bellevue, Ohio, for the dedication of the city’s Fallen Soldiers Memorial.
Brothers and Sisters, Below is information advising of anticipated furloughs across our territory and the Norfolk Southern System scheduled for Monday. For those affected, there is information answering some questions you may have. Fraternally, Jason Boswell General Chairman
Below is correspondence sent out concerning the results of the balloting for the Committee-wide vote for the bi-weekly guaranteed extra board proposal.
Below is a copy of an email sent to GO-687 Local Chairmen citing the results of the vote on the bi-weekly guaranteed extra board proposal.
Below are the results of the vote for the $1 dues increase to go into effect 2/1/2013.