NS Safety Day Participation

August 13, 2010

Brothers and Sisters,

Having reached no resolution to this Committee's demands that the carrier reconsider the changes implemented in the START Policy regarding the handling of alleged GR-13 and GR-14 rules and after hearing from many of our Local Chairmen and members:

I respectfully ask that we, as a Committee,decline to participate in the 'Norfolk Southern Day of Safety' on August 18, 2010. Members of Local Safety Committees are urged not to be involved. I ask all of our memebers to support this action.

There should be no mistaking this action from the committment of all our members to safety! It is only because of our members dedication to their fellow Brothers and Sisters that this Carrier has been on the forefront of safety in the rail industry for so long. The carrier should not forget! However, it is apparent that with the current policy changes, Norfolk Southern wants to beat the horse they rode in on. I ask that each of you recommitt to  education and training.  I pesonally believe that the effort and expertise of our members, who lead the various on property committees, is invaluable. I urge you to continue the good work!

On August 18th decline to drink the Kool Aid!

In Solidarity,

Tom Garvin