UTU Proposed National Agreement

Attached is the proposed National Agreement and a synopsis of that proposal that I received today in Cleveland at the convening of District 1 General Chairman's Association (all rail general chairman covered by national handling in the United States).  The Agreement was presented by President Futhey and thoroughly discussed and evaluated by the General Chairmen.  We then unanimously voted to support this proposed agreement and put it out for ratification by the membership.  Over the next 15 days, the General Chairmen will submit questions about the contents of the proposal.  Upon completion of those 15 days, the Union and the Carriers will convene to agree to answers on those questions.  After that is done, International Officers and this Committee's officers will visit each local to hold a town hall meeting to present the proposal and answer questions of concern.  It is estimated the vote will be put out to the membership in late August/early September. 

Jason Boswell

General Chairman